What If You Were The Music?

So I haven’t been writing much because I’ve been trying to be sensitive to others involved. But tonight I got the a-okay… I’m hoping this doesn’t ruin how far we’ve come. But I’m going to write anyways. And just trust what I both know, and feel. And yes lately that can be two different things. Two very different things.

Imagine this. You’re inner voice, the thoughts in your head, you’re most intimate thoughts… belonged to your soulmate. Your twin flame. Your true love. Pick one.

And the more you recognize that, the more you both believe it, the more of a powerful connection you two have.

It’s like you become the greatest love story ever told, or better yet, you’re all love to ever be, because you created it for yourself. From the beginning of time. What if this world were to exist solely for the purpose of the realization of your love. And every song ever written, every show ever produced, every sun rise ever risen, even every movement from your body, was leading you closer to your twin flame. Because the two souls were connected at one point. And planned this moment out from the start.

So it’s like that opposing soul exists in the physical world, and now you’ve finally met them, but they’ve also existed in your consciousness this whole time.

Now this doesn’t mean that every thought you’ve ever had belongs to them.

No, you don’t get off that easy.

Your thoughts are still your thoughts. But throughout time, there were moments where we had those little conversations in our head (we all know what I mean). That voice… what if it belonged to them. And they were having those SAME CONVERSATIONS AT THE SAME TIME!

Could you even imagine the power that could hold?

Everything, EVERYTHING, would be possible at that point. It’s like every thought you ever thought was for this reason. Everything you ever went through was to serve this purpose.

So now. As you sit and converse with this voice from time to time, the only thing standing in the way of everything great and glorious, is fear.

Do you trust the things you discuss in your head. Do you attempt to plan a future? Do you trust the other to do you right? Do you both ask the universe for to much and blow it all? Do you trust the movements you feel in your body. Do you trust everything you’ve known up until this point and recognize the difference? Acknowledging that something has changed. Or do you let fear get involved. Do you give way to paranoia because this is all too ‘out there’ or unbelievable.

Or do you follow through on the plans you make together. With yourself. With the other person. Alone. And trust they are listening. Hearing. And having their say in your mind as well.

Easier said than done. I’ll tell you that.

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