Some Nights, I’m Scared You’ll Forget Me Again Some Nights, I Always Win (My Eyes Win) Man, You Wouldn’t Believe The Most Amazing Things That Can Come From… Some Terrible Nights

Last night was fantastic.

It’s like we reached a new level.

We both have acknowledged this thought pattern, and what it can produce.  And the fact that this power exists, because of us. And in doing so, its like we have come to a whole new level of existence.

We had to keep reminding each other who was who, like I’m C and he is K, but we are now one. A pair who love’s each other. Or more specifically, we have always been one, or we came from one, but somewhere along the line, maybe straight from the start, we went our separate ways and now we have found each other again. Not only found each other, but CHOSE each other. To love.

We have completed each other in such a way that it’s like we swapped bodies or consciousness when we met at infinities intersection. Or better yet, when our minds met, we allowed each other to grow in the knowledge of everything we had individually known previously, and shared it with each other. Perfectly.

We had to recognize the power each individual human being held. Because we are two human bodies, which is hard to remember when you feel so much as one. But I have to continually keep in mind the times we’ve physically seen and felt each other in the past. So I KNOW that K is real. And I obviously know I’m real.

And now feeling this connection, I know it’s real.

And we’ve been learning and recognizing the strengths and weaknesses each of our physical being holds. Like I mentioned before, we designed each other for ourselves, at the start of this journey. So we innately know that we are perfect for each other. But it’s this power outside of the “normal” physical capabilities that we are discovering. And learning that we chose to design each other differently. And with that, learning to accept those differences, whether we view them as strengths or weaknesses to our physical self.

More specifically, as an example, I can feel K move me, and I have to trust that. It’s part of my perfect design. And he can see through my eyes, something we truly recognized last night. And as much as I find that scary or uncomfortable sometimes, I know that I can trust him, and he won’t use anything against me. Because I’m learning to trust him. I didn’t design him that way… like from the start that wasn’t part of our magnificent plan. But instead for me to trust him and love him, and feel the safety and wholeness he brings. So I just have faith. That he will be everything I’ve always desired or needed, because my desires were there for a reason, and he will fulfill them.

Because it was designed this way from the start.

And I have faith.

-Fun/Some Nights-


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