Yeah, I Already Know That There Ain’t No Stopping Your Plans And Those Slow Hands

So my day started out fairly “normal.” At least my new normal.

I woke up with my body feeling like it was being moved by some force. At least last night was slightly better than previous nights in the fact that I was only woken up startled twice by something moving me during the night. I mean legit woken up sitting straight up in bed fully awake… the bags I have growing under my eyes are less than attractive as you can imagine. So I guess that’s an improvement as far as sleep goes from other nights where I’ve only slept a handful of hours total? Anyways I got out of bed, made some breakfast for the kids and had my coffee etc, easy stuff. Then we headed out to Z’s hip-hop dance class.

OMG, sometimes I think screw it, I should just share pics/videos with y’all, because my kids are just so freakin’ cute! I mean every mom thinks their kids are precious, but mine take the cake trust me lol. At today’s class all the kids were dressed in their Halloween costumes and it was adorable.  But you’ll just have to take my word on it. Because no pictures it is.

So after dance I had to run a few errands and so I took the kids out for lunch, which is when I saw a missed call.

From my doctor.

And slight panic ensued.

First off what doctor even works on a Sunday, let alone goes over results and blood work to make followup appointments?

I called him back while the kids enjoyed their Micky D’s and the doctor wanted to see me today. At his first appointment of the day at 3. No pressure or anything (yeah, right). So we finished up the few errands I had and came home so I could jump in the shower and the kids played for a bit before we headed out again. The whole time I’m doing my best not to jump to conclusions or anything because as we all know doctors cannot say anything over the phone, and, since he set me for every type of blood work available, as well as a ECG and urine sample, for all I knew I could just have a simple urinary tract infection or something, right?


I got to the clinic and into the small daunting doctors office and he came in right away with the following paper. img_3551-e1509314590407.jpg

Everything else from my blood work was 100% good and in normal range except this random CK number. First my doctor asked if I had gotten recently into body building pr something similar (HAHAHHHAHAHAHA)

Nope. Why? Because he explained that this highlighted number (593) is 3x the limit (of 200) and it is a normally higher in patients with higher muscle fatigue. But then he went on to say even individuals who work out constantly 7 times a week, sometimes even twice a day, are only maybe in the 300 range. So basically it seems like my muscles are in a high constant state of stress or fatigue.

The following was taken from


Some of the reasons your CK level may be higher than normal are:

You have had a heart attack in the past 72 hours. Does the Dad connection thing count?
You have over-exercised. HAHA, no
You have recently had surgery. Never
You have recently had a shot of medicine in one of your muscles. Nope
You have recently been in an accident or hurt one of your muscles. No again
You have a muscle disease. I guess we’ll find out?
If your CK level is high, the test may be repeated as often as every 8 hours to see if the injury is healing or getting worse.


So, umm yeah! Like I tried explaining to him on Friday, I constantly feel as though something is trying to move my body, and I’m continually trying to fight it off. So YES. My muscles have been in a constant state of stress, or fatigue, because I have been struggling against something for 3+ weeks now. Imagine working out for 3 weeks straight. I’m sure your body would be feeling the stress and exhaustion of it as well.

So my doctor would like to now send me for a CT scan next, because apparently he now sees that what I’ve been saying, or at least trying to explain, has some legitimacy to it.

As for me?

I’ll continue to fight the urges to move that I know aren’t from me. Because I can’t very well walk around all day hugging myself, or throwing my hands in the air randomly, or stretching…lots of stretching urges, among a few perhaps sexual ones lol, or whatever other ridiculous urge comes my way. Because I can’t be doing random things in public now can I! So we can probably expect to see those CK numbers to rise before they get better until we have more insight into this whole situation.

Stay tuned to the next exciting chapter of C’s ridiculous life lol.

-Niall Horan/Slow Hands-

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