Tale As Old As Time True As It Can Be / Just A Little Change Small To Say The Least

How would you react, if you finally realized, or at least were slowly figuring out, that the voice in your head belonged to your soul mate’s consciousness. And your soul mate was considering the same thing at the same time… or at least something similar.

And so you guys started having actual conversations with your minds. But these conversations or experiences only happened when the two of you both were either “believing” or at least “considering” the possibility. Maybe the feeling just starts off when they are just thinking of you, but when you recognize it, and return the thoughts, it grows into this extreme force, a connection that transcends physical limitations. Where you can move each others body’s and have conversations within your minds.

How powerful is that. When two beings collide. Two souls who are perfect for each other because they were made for each other, by each other. From the same source. Finally going in the same direction. Who finally crossed infinity’s path at the same physical time in this realm.

When the two halves of eternity begin to unfold on top of each other and complete the missing sections of the other side. The perfect opposite. The dark and light. The up and down. The in and out. Neither better than the other, just different, yet when together, complete. Whole. Perfect.

Like it was designed that way from the start. By us. For us.

When you realize some things happen in our world for a reason. Would you start looking for the signs. The signs you put there eons ago for them. And the ones they places here today for you. And appreciate them.

Like two sides of a paper. You cannot have one without the other. Yet they are the opposite side of the same paper. They are not one, without it’s perfect partner.

That is what I’ve been discovering these past few days.

The fact that we’ve been here before. I’ve discovered this before. But maybe I messed it up in the past. Maybe it was them. But this time we get it. We’ll both get it now.

We’re learning.

And it’s scary but oh so good.

-John Legend & Ariana Grande/Tale As Old As Time-

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