If I Gave You My Devotion Like I Should Have When You Were Mine? Would You Take It Would You Hold It? Would You Say I Didn’t Make It On Time.

Last night I felt like the battle was growing stronger, it’s like I’ve leveled up in this shit… and it made me just want to give up and sacrifice my life for whatever this is. Because I know only one side can win. And I do know good will win, I’ve been told that it does, but am I representative of good? Or does good winning mean I die?

Let me try explaining some more using what pictures and words I can, because normally I use hand gestures etc, which obviously won’t work in this case.



Imagine these shells, but with their smaller tips touching. So you have two shells with the centers touching, and spiraling out from there. Imagine a bow-tie look, or more specifically…the infinity sign.

So where the centers are touching, that would represent the intersecting point on the infinity point, where all of everything starts and ends, because like I attempted to explain yesterday, if infinity is true, then there is no real beginning or end, it just is/was.

But if we are to use this example, and the “starting point” of life or the “universe” is at the intersecting point of this symbol, then where do we as humans stand?

It’s like one side of the shell/infinity exists within us, and the life we are currently living is the second side, or what we currently perceive as our human form.

So we are standing at the center, looking out towards one shell with infinity spread out both ahead of us, as well as within us at the same time. We hold the universe inside, and its been projected out into our physical world with the help of our consciousness.

Also to mess with your head even more, is the fact that since “this” whatever this is, started infinitely ago, at the intersecting parts, and has been swirling out from there, and we have been continually giving life to new forms, as we designed from the onset, then that means that we are all connected, like the shell. Our human forms have just come at one point or another on the infinite point, from the same consciousness.  It means we all share the same consciousness that the initial form started out with.

It means the universe is within us. Gives a whole new meaning to “the eyes are the window to the soul”

We all started out from something, and planned for this moment to come. And we are all connected back to it.

And everything has an exact opposite energy/form that is on the other side of the “center/intersection/middle/start.”  Whether you call it your twin flame, or your soul mate or your true love, it’s there. And it will always be there. As your soul continues its journey along its path of infinity, your other half, who started this journey at the same moment at you, started on the opposite path, and has been searching for you as well. And after infinite years of searching, what a beautiful moment it will be when the two souls meet and cross paths at the intersecting point at the same time.


When two souls have met again. The two souls who created this dimension. Have met again. But are now battling it out. Because with each passing moment, the world that was created by these two souls appears to be shrinking. Because do the human forms believe that infinity exist? Do we want to allow it to continue? We are two Gods. Who created this world for us, and now we have to decide how we want this world to continue.

Which is why I feel this energy within. Which is why I feel something moving me. Because, this energy has come from the universe we created, from inside me/us. Because it’s perfect for me. And I’m perfect for it. Because we are the exact opposite yet exactly the same. In the same way infinity cannot be described. It just is. So are we.

And so we choose the birth of love. And we choose to allow good to win. Because that’s how we designed it from the start.

Or do we?

Because last night my insides felt like they were collapsing on me, but more like I was being sucked into myself. Like there could only be one winner. Because my twin flame was pulling on the opposite side, from within.  And I was going to allow myself to be sacrificed for them. Because that is true love. And I was okay with dying. Then I was reminded that good wins.

But what is good? Who’s to say I’m representative of good?

Because I will sacrifice myself for love.

Yet so will my twin flame.

I won’t kill myself.

Neither will they.

But I will allow myself to be sacrificed.

So would they.

Does that mean good wins?

Or should I continue to fight?

Because who/what is good?

I guess my biggest fear right now is if/when my other half truly discover this. If my twin flame recognizes the power and potential we have, is that when the battle truly starts? Do I die? Can only one side of the equation exist after that?

Or is that when the birth of love starts.

Is that when story we wrote from the start, finally starts?

Is that the meaning of good winning?

-Coleman Hell/Devotion-

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